Chisasibi Police say they have arrested Willard Hester, 37, of Waskaganish in connection with the stabbing death of a local resident, 25-year-old Aaron Bearskin, the son of Alan Bearskin and Virginia Salt.

Police were first alerted to the murder scene at a residence in Chisasibi when they received a frantic call from a woman requesting immediate assistance after an altercation had occurred at a house party.

Upon arrival, Chisasibi Police identified a non-responsive man face down in a pool of blood. He had a small piercing wound in his upper chest area.

From previous encounters with the police, the officers were able to positively identify the victim as Aaron Bearskin.

After police attempted CPR, Bearskin was transported to hospital in Chisasibi where ER staff attempted to revive him without success. Bearskin was pronounced dead at 5:15 am on July 24.

Chisasibi Police then arrested Willard Hester near the scene in connection with the case. Witnesses had previously informed the police that he had fled the scene when it was observed that the victim had a chest wound. The investigation was then handed over to The Crimes against Persons Investigation Division of the Sûreté du Québec.

At press time Hester had been remanded to the Amos Detention Centre.

After being remanded to the Amos Detention Center, Hester was scheduled to appear in court on August 5, 2010, to face manslaughter charges.

On behalf of the Chisasibi Police Department, Assistant Director Robert Shem said, “I am proud of the officers that were assisting the investigation, we did a good job.”