In the late Spring when the geese were flying North
the ice on the lakes was thawing, floating down streams and rivers,
you could hear the loons in the distance calling.

Mother you were a strong woman
to bring me into the world without assistance from the doctors, but with help from a dear lady
that I will never forget.

Mother you went through a lot
to bring me up in this world;
there were hard times
and happy times watching me grow.

Mother you understood me while I was growing
through the hard times and the pain, still
you were always there for me, and yet
you are still here when I need you.

Mother now that I have grown to be a man,
as I watched you these past years, the signs
on your face say that you are getting older;
the lovely long gray hair hanging
from your head.

Mother there are no words to express my gratitude,
to have a mother like you,
loving, caring, understanding and putting up with me
for who I am, and the pain that I brought to you.

Mother I will always love you.
Mother you will always be a part of my life.
Mother you will always be my mother,
no matter what.

To my loving mother, Sally Gunner, Happy Mother’s Day