Fans of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, mark April 26 on your Nation calendar. A bare-knuckles fighting contest called the Battlecade Extreme Combat Championship is coming to a rez near you.

Competing for $50,000 in prizes, Cree kickboxer Melvin Murray (see The Nation, Dec. 15) and 10 other world-class martial artists will be coming to Kahnawake for the brutal contest.

One of Melvin’s toughest opponents will be jiu-jitsu fighter Ralph “The Pitbull” Gracie of Brazil’s famed Gracie clan.

The rules are simple. Anything goes except for eye-gouging and biting. There are no rounds and the fight is over only when someone is knocked out or unable to intelligently defend himself.

“We’re really excited. I’m still in awe about it all,” said Michael Thomas, a tae kwon do master in Kahnawake and chairman of First Nations Productions, which is organizing the event.

“It should be quite an evening.”

The event will be broadcast world-wide on pay-per-view and is being sponsored by Penthouse Magazine.

For tickets call Mike at (514) 635-7757 or Admission outlets (514) 790-1245.