The new Chief of Mistissini is William Mianscum. In a brief interview with The Nation, Chief William Mianscum looked at his immediate priorities.

And there are many new councillors. Mistissini’s looking for change, as the new Chief sees it. “Some councillors have never served before. This council represents change and a desire for a new direction. Our immediate priority is orientation and getting people ready to govern.”

William’s next priority is social problems. He cited the examples of alcohol-related problems and admitted that it is

almost impossible to find a starting point to handle these problems.

Next was economics and the latest Chief said he felt the best direction was to build on existing resources for the future. “We have a lot of studies that cost a lot of money and they are just gathering dust on some selves. It’s time we hauled them out and looked them over again,” he said.

The new council is: Elijah Awashish, Paul Coon-Come, Samuel Etapp, Francois Gunner, Buckley Petawabano, Smally Petawabano and Kathleen Wapachee-Benac.