A handful of Crees from Mistissini joined in Earth Day celebrations in Montreal to raise awareness about an issue they feel has not been getting enough airtime – to end uranium mining in Eeyou Istchee and around the world.

Carrying a banner with this message on it were Mistissini Youth Chief Shawn Iserhoff, Justice Debassige, Kayleigh Spencer, Catherine Quinn, Desmond Michel and Amanda Katelyn Quinn.

“We as Crees did this because we want to send out a message. What is often the case now with Strateco is that they have misrepresented us through their press releases, saying that a lot of our community members support this project. But exactly how many are they implying actually do?” questioned Iserhoff.

“All of the surveys that have been conducted and all of the public meetings showed that just about everyone in the community was against it. And now there is a growing number of youth that are getting more vocal about it and we want to get that message out there that our youth don’t want this project,” said Iserhoff.

The Crees marched shoulder to shoulder with other First Nations groups and about 250,000 to 300,000 taking part in the massive event. They are hoping to get their message heard both in Montreal and at home.