Linda Shecapio will be out of prison in four years or less.

The Mistissini resident was sentenced to eight years in prison October 23 for the killing of a teenager from Chisasibi in 2004. But because time served while awaiting trial is treated as double, the two years Shecapio has already spent behind bars is considered to be worth four years. She will serve the rest of her time in Joliette Institution, according to her lawyer, Michel Solomon.

On October 27, 2004, Shecapio got into an argument with 19-year-old Inuk Charlie Ekomiak in downtown Montreal. The argument escalated and Shecapio stabbed Ekomiak. He collapsed at the corner of de la Montagne and Notre-Dame streets and later succumbed to his wounds.

The crown prosecutor wanted to try Shecapio on a second-degree murder charge, which would have brought a minimum of 10 years in prison, but Solomon made a successful plea agreement to the lesser charge of manslaughter.