After pleading guilty June 17 to one count of sexual assault, 37-year-old Mistissini resident Daniel Beauclaire has been sentenced to 10 months for sexual offences against a minor.

The incident took place April 29 at Kilometre 391 on Route 167 Nord near the Metawashish River.

He was originally charged with two counts, one count of “inviting, counseling or inciting a person under the age of 14 to sexually touch him,” and another count of “touching a person under the age of 14 in a sexual manner.”

He pled guilty in Roberval court on December 7 to the first count while the second one was dropped.

After his sentence is completed, he will remain on probation for three years with conditions that he not be in the presence of alcohol, not be in the presence of minors without the presence of a competent adult, and that he cannot possess firearms.