Don Neeposh, 37, died May 6 after his vehicle went off the road at Kilometre 295 on Highway 167 North.

Mistissini Police and the Surete de Quebec rushed to the scene of the accident after an anonymous caller informed them that a car had gone off the road and that the driver, although seemingly unharmed, was acting strangely.

Acting Mistissini Police Chief Bradley Mianscum and the SQ agreed to take Neeposh to the nearest doctor in Mistissini.

Neeposh went into convulsions shortly after their arrival at the Mistissini clinic and was pronounced dead at 11:05am.

The cause of death will be determined following an autopsy.

The Quebec City Municipal Police are conducting the ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding the accident.

It is standard procedure for an investigation to be conducted by a third division of the police, when two different police departments are involved in the initial investigation of an accident ending in death.