Mistissini is the place to be July 19-20. After too many years to count, this Cree community will finally be hosting a powwow. Says organizer Luke MacLeod: “Years ago, I asked an Elder if they had songs made just for dancing. He was a respected Elder who often sang using the Cree traditional drum at special occasions. He told me those were called ‘Niimuuhiikan’, thus the name chosen for our first modern powwow.”

The Mistissini Niimuuhiikan will be a social event with powwow drums and dancers mixed with Cree culture and traditions. Bear Creek, a Grammy-nominated drum group, will be the host drum. Poplar Singers from North Bay will be co-host with drum groups from Chisasibi, Eastmain and Waswanipi rounding out the line-up.

“Our Cree traditional drum and dancers will showcase our culture,” MacLeod said, and plans include a Walking Out Ceremony on the morning of the 20th followed by a feast that evening.

For more info, see Facebook pages Mistissini Powwow Group or Mistissini Traditional Powwow. “We welcome all to join us and experience our Cree culture and hospitality,” said MacLeod.