In a related story there was a sighting recently of the infamous Mistissini Monster. Compared to its counterpart, the Loch ness Monster, the Mistissini Monster is a whole lot smaller, and not quite as elusive.

“It looks black, and is about half the size of a car,” according to the manager of the lodge in Mistissini, Marc Ladouceur. He was able to watch it until two boats approached, and it disappeared.

Wesley Trapper, who is the assistant manager at the lodge, was able to corroborate the story.

“They say if you don’t bother it, it’ll never harm anyone,” Trapper said. “I wasn’t close enough to really see it, I would have needed binoculars.

So the mystery remains, what is the Mistissini Lake monster? Maybe some things should be left undiscovered. Have a nice dip!