Over 100 volunteers from Mistissini and nearby communities spent all last week searching for Elder Francois Mianscum, who has gone missing in the bush.

Mianscum, 68, left his camp at Perch River on his Tundra II on Saturday, Feb. 26, in the early afternoon. Fie was last seen at 1:30 p.m. at KM 308 or 309 on Highway 167 heading north.

When he didn’t return by 6 p.m., his family, friends and police set out to search the area. By the next morning, 40 searchers were involved. Two helicopters and an airplane have also been used, and the Sûreté du Québec has lent a hand.

Mianscum still hadn’t been located as of press time on Thursday afternoon. He has type II diabetes (not life-threatening) and is generally in good health.

On Wednesday, the family issued a statement thanking the community and everyone else for their support. The search is continuing and the family is asking for special attention to the KM 308 area of the highway.