Anglers from across the province were shoving off on Lake Mistissini August 22-24 for the community’s 17th Annual Fishing Derby. The three-day event drew in over 325 participants from the Cree Nation and elsewhere. The top prize, a brand new Kingfisher boat, went to Gino Rivard from Chapais. Rivard placed first in the Lake Trout category with a 7.16 pound catch, and finished second in the Speckled Trout thanks to a 4.09-pounder.

Here are the final standings from the Derby:

Walleye Category:

1st Place: Stanley Mianscum 4.76lbs
2nd Place: Jalen Coon-Come 4.57lbs
3rd Place: Jimmy Paul Coon COme 4.04 lbs

Speckled Trout:

1st Place: Leslie Mattawashish 4.11lbs
2nd Place: Gino Rivard 4.09lbs
3rd Place: Ronnie Trapper 3.94lbs

Lake Trout:

1st Place: Gino Rivard 7.16 lbs
2nd Place:Stephane Fortin 4.41 lbs
3rd Place: Matthew Rabbitskin 4.00 lbs

Pike Category:

1st Place: Gabriel Rabbitskin 17.49 lbs
2nd Place:Trisha Gunner 16.06 lbs
3rd Place: Elizabeth I. Blacksmith 13.30 lbs

Combined weight of Gino Rivard’s catch:
Pike: 8.03lbs
Lake Trout: 7.16 lbs
Speckled Trout: 4.09 lbs
Walleye: 1.68 lbs

Total weight 20.96 lbs