Québec, November 25, 2004 -Mr. Pierre Corbeil, Minister for Forest, Wildlife and Parks and Minister responsible for the Nord-du-Québec region, today attended the graduation ceremony of wildlife protection officers. Four of the graduates completed their training under the “Paix des Braves” and “Sanarrutik” agreements, respectively signed with the Crees and Inuit by the Government of Québec.

“We all hope to see our peoples make progress together in the achievement of common objectives,” declared Mr. Corbeil. In all, eight officers received their diploma today, including two Cree and two Inuit officers. The other officers come from the Bas-Côte-Nord region. The graduation ceremony of the 17th graduating class of wildlife protection officers was held at noon at Station touristique de Duchesnay, where Québec’s wildlife protection officers receive their training.

The “Paix des Braves” and “Sanarrutik” agreements stipulate in particular that the Government of Québec shall train and hire wildlife protection officers to work in the sectors of the communities of the Nord-du-Québec region. “I am very pleased to participate in the fulfillment of the commitments of the Government of Québec in the company of the wildlife protection officers, their families and representatives of the Inuit and Cree communities,” underscored Mr. Corbeil.

The mandate of these officers consists, among other things, of applying and ensuring compliance with the laws and regulations respecting the protection and development of wildlife.