Nshtuuten. It’s time to move on. What can I say after seven years at The Nation? It’s been an explosion of good times and memories. The Nation family and the Cree family welcomed me with open hearts and a blanket of warmth and love. I got a front-row seat for a wild trip that left me filled with wonder and happiness. It was far-out and heavy-duty all the way.

It opened my eyes to a world I didn’t know exists, brilliant and crazy characters and a love for the lyiyuuch. Going north was a beautiful, humbling experience. I learned and grew so much. My life was enriched by many lifelong friendships, mouthwatering bush food, a hailstorm of laughter and fun, and meeting my beautiful wife Rhonda.

I owe a mountain of gratitude to everybody who helped and befriended me and made The Nation possible. You know who you are! Miigwech, 1,000 times miigwech. We accomplished a lot, but more needs to be done. Best of luck to all in the important work ahead and in your hunting and fishing.

I’ll keep working on my linuu Aimuun and keep writing about Crees and First Nations issues as a freelancer. Please stay in touch with me at roslin@videotron.ca or call when you’re in town. I’m in the book. See you

again. Wachiya and miigwech! -Alex Roslin