One of the many things that I think of, just for the sake of thinking of it, is – Is it normal to have so many catastrophes year after year? Is it just because we hear about it instantly, or is the world really going to hell in a bread basket? I woke up to the news of Japan getting blitzed by nature at a scale of 10x Godzilla with nuclear reactors going into meltdown, earthquakes, tsunamis, the whole works.

Now, let’s make a count on the number of earthquakes in the last few years – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iceland, Haiti, Chile, Chile again, and even Gatineau. Has this happened on a regular basis since time immemorial and humans just weren’t around to record it and transmit it around the world, or are these times just a preclude for the Big One just around the bend?

Naw, it can’t be, but many things are recently developing and all at once it seems. So just to be sure, everyone should play it safe and get prepared. First of all, get duct tape, you never know, you might have to MacGyver yourself out of any and every situation. Get some sort of renewable energy source, forget solar, in case the sun can’t break through the clouds of doom. Go simple wind energy or burn wood, left over from the aftermath of world destruction. Make sure your water source is good enough to drink, your body can take river water or lots of beer, which quenches thirst as well as calms nerves. In the worst case scenario, make sure you have a lot of flour, salt, lard and Klik to power you through tough times. Beans would help to stave off scurvy, but hey, who doesn’t have that in their larder anyways?

You may think I’m a bit cynical about the future of the natural world. But these days, after watching show after show of asteroid crashes, 2012 predictions, more documentaries on the final days, it seems just about everyone out there is inundated with these extinction ideas. If you were not-to-believe Senator Jesse Ventura – who has an oddball Americanized viewpoint of new world orders and massive destructive forces which should wipe out just about everyone except the elite, their minions and the slave labour force left to enjoy earth to themselves – then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

If you have to worry about the 2012 issue, just remember, it’s still a year away. There’s plenty of time left to go out on the land and harvest enough food to last a few month, that is, if all the wildlife doesn’t become radioactive from all the fallout from the world’s atomic-generating stations in the coming years. Hey, even the snow should glow at night. Can you imagine a florescent blizzard? Ha, good times are a comin’.

But seriously folks, natural disasters are nothing to laugh at. Thousands of people have died in mere moments and the ones who do survive a natural disaster on the scale of Japan and Haiti, must take a long time to get over these extremely traumatizing events. Thousands of miles north, I know people who know people who have experienced an angry Mother Nature, so the list is getting closer to home, in terms of third-hand experiences and stories. I hope that our area will be unaffected if hell does break loose, so enjoy life folks. Remember, who knows when the world will end anyways, so live like it could end any day and break out the bucket list of things you always wanted to do but haven’t.