JOsh_iserhoffNemaska reached 35 degrees C during the recent heat wave and it was simply divine. Flew to Waskaganish for a meeting and had an amazing time with Fran, Clark, Sheila and Red (thank you for the tea and bannock). My room was freezing from my singing AC. I stepped out but my linen attire for the day was no good for the Skag. Thanks to Virginia Wabano’s warm vehicle and smile I was able enjoy my stay.

This is what I love about the north: it is incredibly unpredictable. One day it’s hot and the next day is brrrr. My good friend Barry Bearskin can’t handle heat and I am pretty sure there are many Crees in the same situation. After all, 10 months of cold is what we’re all accustomed to.

I must say this: enjoy the heat, butter that heat rash and drink tons of water. Life’s too short, and summers too short to complain. Get Gold Bond, it cools.

I recently enjoyed a weekend with friends at Niagara Falls, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. I couldn’t believe the number of people from around the world blocking my view, a sea of people clicking away with their smart phones.

Of course, I did a major #selfie session. I think Noreen and Sam can attest to that. I didn’t get to go to Marineland because not everyone loves Marineland. There was a tiny protest written up in the newspaper that morning so I just didn’t want any bad press. I think I would much rather want to see a killer whale breaching in Hawaii again.

Speaking of Hawaii, Kauai to be exact, I am heading there this August to run a marathon for the Canadian Diabetes Association. You may not know but our youth now are getting diagnosed with some form of diabetes at a very young age. The health professionals predict that in 20 years, 70% of our people will be affected by diabetes!

We can change this prediction by being more health conscious. I am doing my part in getting this message across and using any platform to create awareness. I will be fundraising this summer and I am happy that my favourite red-headed doll, Amy German, is doing a story on the efforts that Demerise and I are devoting to this issue.

It’s so important to teach our young ones about healthy living. I don’t have any kids but I consider my close friends as my own and I am as ferociously honest with them as they are with me. As the saying goes “friends don’t let friends get fat.” That’s now my line.

I’ve shed 25 pounds, all of them from healthy eating, living – and a few strict talks and rude stares from my best friends. Amy’s story (in this issue) has all the deets you need if you want to donate funds to this important cause.

I am training and I hope these hot-and-cold temperature zigzags throughout the season so we can all enjoy our summer. In the meantime, while you are planking – give some thought on a specific concern that you can bring up at the Cree Nation Government Annual General Assembly. Keep moving mes chères ami(es) and let’s fight diabetes together.