Native officers from Mistissini, in collaboration with Quebec Provincial Police, arrested two men last month on charges of drug possession with intent to traffic. Edward Mark (41), and Alfred Mark (21) were held in Amos before being tried in Mistissini on June 6th. Complaints from community residents about the two men, led to police searches of two houses in Mistissini. Police siezed 26 grams of marijuana at one residence, and 7.5 grams at the other. Along with the marijuana, other evidence associated with drug dealing was also confiscated. Drug abuse among the youth of the community is a major concern in Mistissini. “It is too easy for the youth to get a hold of drugs,” said Mistissini police officer Michael Petawabano. “The people (who are dealing drugs) don’t understand the harm they are doing in the community.” The two men were given conditional releases.