Residents of Whapmagoo-stui are scratching their heads after a worker from Montreal was found dead in his motel room wrapped from head to toe in electrical wire.

Daniel Massé, a 36-year-old electrician, had come to the community for two days to help install a new sound system in the social club. He had a few drinks in the social club In the evening and then returned to his room alone,
said Constable Peter Lambros, of the Kativik Police Dept.

The next morning, Massé was found dead by coworkers. The electrical wire was apparently “some sort of sexual fantasy that went too far,” according to Lambros. “That’s the way it looks to us.”

The wire was plugged into a wall socket and Massé somehow got himself electrocuted.

Police do not suspect foul play. Lambros said the man’s wife reported once walking in on him while he was tied in chains, which led police to their sexual-fantasy theory. An autopsy is under way.