Ouje-Bougoumou Police responded to a situation Aug. 6 in which a 27-year-old man had barricaded himself in his father’s home with weapons and ammunition. The armed standoff began at 11:30 am and lasted until 8:30 pm. No charges were determined, and the man is out on bail.

Six local police, three regional officers, three auxiliary officers and 27 officers from the Surete du Quebec responded. The surrounding neighbourhood was evacuated. Because the suspect’s father is an avid gun collector, the suspect had high-powered fire-arms at his disposal, adding to the tension.

The man was taken into custody with no shots being fired. He has been released and is in the care of the local hospital. No charges have been determined, and he will not be given a psychiatric evaluation unless he asks for it. His sentence hearing commences in three months.

Mistissini Police Director David Gunner said that people should use better firearms safety habits. Firearms should be dismantled, firing pins should be removed,” Gunner said. “This way people can prevent accidents or intoxicated people getting access to guns.”