I mentioned in the last issue, a movie in the making was in the works just north of 55. That was two weeks ago and the saga continues…

After a few weeks of planning and auditions, the mix matched crew of intrepid film makers decided to go to a remote location, far north of Great Whale River, to the land where the trees are much smaller. The arctic tundra, abound with winged, aquatic and four legged creatures would soon be interrupted by the two legged kind.  Yes, the famous Nastapoka region, the half way point where the land of the Cree meets its extremities and meets the land of the Inuit.  This is the place where the wars of old ended with a peace pact.  This historic occasion is now being commemorated but the ancestors of those who made peace, not war.

Wars have often been fought over many different reasons, but the outcome is always the same, some lose and some win. But in war, the winners bear the burden of the losses incurred during war, so, sometimes, winning can be costly.  In the case of making peace, however, everyone wins what was usually fought over in the beginning, which is world-wide peace, however local it may be, it is usually part of the intention of making up.

Now, today, when one thinks of peace, the great promoters of world peace tends to be repeated most often by beauty pageant contestants, as the tearful plea for the end to wars will tug on judges hearts enough to gain a point or two. If only they would all say the same  message in unison, then maybe the worlds heads will turn to at least listen to the future generation of beauty queens. Sometimes, beauty can move mountains.

Peace, in its own rights, is the result of non conflict, but nature does not agree with equality and in the wild world that encompasses most of the known planet, it is the laws of the lands and waters that dictate the outcomes of the usual constant struggle for survival.  As with our faithful film makers, this mission is to showcase that somewhere in the world, differences can be settled and peaceful living side by side is the reward.  War, in every sense, is costly, and generally makes no sense when the meaning for the conflicts disappear behind escalation and the need to win at all costs.

Once we warred, in the past. We fought sometimes for the wrong reasons, sometimes for a justification which was perhaps sensible for that time. But as we grow as people and communities and nations, we also mature with values and logic, with culture intact and lives to live for, a future without war. Nirvana? Maybe, but at least it’s worth a try.

We, as peaceful people, have come together to show to the world that there is hope for peace after all. Wait for the next issue to hear the final outcome of what it takes to make a film based on war and focussed on peace.  Live long and prosper…