Only from The Nation can you get the feel of the Val d’Or tournament if you weren’t there. It requires a little work but even a couch potato can do it. You need 11 matchbook covers, a pair of scissors, a stapler, glue and a willingness to cut up this copy of The Nation.

STEP 1. Cut out the pictures on this page. Cut along the dotted line. Keep the numbers at the bottom attached.

STEP 2. Take each picture and match to a matchbook cover. Cut to size.

STEP 3. Glue each picture to a different matchbook cover. Wait for them to dry.

STEP 4. Put them in order with the numbers at the bottom.

STEP 5. Staple the bottom just at the top of the numbers.

STEP 6. Grip the bottom with the numbers tightly in one hand using your thumb and index finger.

STEP 7. Using your other thumb, flip the cards and enjoy the action brought to you courtesy of The Nation.