In the memory of Thomas Blackned, who died on July 12, 1994, age 87 years old

To all who have known him as a father, grandfather, dear friend and a well-known man in our community. Today as I stand before you it brings to my heart the memories of Thomas, our grandfather and your father. A lot of things come to mind like the stories he used to share with us. Maybe we will not all remember all the stories but they will always be in our hearts.

Each and every one of us will remember him differently. As hard as it may be to lose someone so special and so close to us, we have to go on our own paths but never forget his ways, the way he wanted to be.

The younger ones will only know him in memories, but those who are older who

have known him should pass the teachings of our grandfather on to the younger generation. We shall never part from the teachings of such a wise and wonderful man—our grand father.

To me it seems weird every time I walk into our home because I expect him to be laying on the couch and always asking me how my day was. When we used to get into trouble grandpa would get mad but he would tell us a story and in that story there would always be a lesson in it. He was proud of us in everything we did even if we took the wrong paths.

His thoughts and memories will always be cherished in our hearts forever. He was a hero to all of us.

Lois Mary Blackned, who lives in Waskaganish, is the late Thomas Blackned’s granddaughter.