For those looking to become certified group fitness instructors through Theresa Ducharme’s innovative Lemon Cree fitness and wellness program, the time to sign up is fast approaching.

Ducharme was happy to announce that from November 18-20, Lemon Cree will be holding a three-day training course in Montreal for trainers. The course will show that those certified to teach groups are educated in regards to proper exercise techniques, safety measures, healthy lifestyle practices and innovative fitness. Upon completing the course, students will be evaluated to receive their certificates.

According to Ducharme, the new course came out of the recommendations that Lemon Cree made to the Cree Women of Eeyou Istchee Association after working with the Cree communities for over a year to improve the overall health of Cree women in James Bay.

“If local recreation and wellness programs and if the Cree Board of Health and Social Services of James Bay can get involved by sponsoring Crees to get them certified, this is something that will help in the communities. It is really important for safety measures that people do get certified because then every year they get updated with the new techniques, trends and information,” said Ducharme.

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