The 25th anniversary of the commissioning of the Robert-Bourassa generating station at the LG2 complex was celebrated October 29 in Radisson.

For many Crees the building of the huge dam represented a sad time in the Cree Nation’s history. Many of those who opposed it’s creation back then still oppose it today.

The event was attended by Quebec Premier Jean Charest, Minister of Natural Resources Sam Hamad and Ted Moses, the Grand Chief of the Grand Council of the Crees.

“We remember that day with pride and we pay tribute to the visionaries, especially Premier Robert Bourassa, and to the pioneers who played a role in one of the most pivotal events in the development of modern Quebec,” said André Bourbeau, Chairman of the Board of Hydro-Quebec.

The project was started in earnest in 1973 and named after the former premier after his death in 1996.