The Chisasibi Kung Fu School kicked butt at the 19th Annual Quebec World Open Karate Championships in Quebec City, posting its best results ever.

School members came home with 17 trophies, plaques and medals.

A total of 40 Chisasibi residents went on the roadtrip via the Cree Nation Bus.

And now the winners…

White Sash (belt): George Pepabano (5th place forms, 5th sparring), Marilyn Dick (5th sparring), Robert Harris (2nd sparring, 3rd forms).

Yellow Sash: Tineke Moistert-Harris (1 st sparring, 2nd forms), Jeremy Ratt (5th sparring), Anthony Nineo’clock (5th forms), Delanna Dick (4th sparring), Harriett Ratt (5th sparring).

Brown Sash: Edward Nineo’clock (5th sparring, 5th forms), Mario Desgagné (2nd sparring, 5th forms), Chantale Sénéchal (Istsparring, Istforms).

Other participants were: Peter Ratt,
Paul and Valentina Tapiatic, Celina Chakapash, Scott Nineo’clock, David Sam, Leslie Herodier, Jean Ricardi-Octave, Robert Bobbish, Georgina and Margaret Dick, Timothy and Roxanne Rabbitskin, Viviane Snowboy, Melanie Pachano and Charlotte Bearskin.
The kung fu school wants to thank everybody who helped in making the event a success. The sifu (instructor), Jean Lauzier, would also like to congratulate all the winners and participants.