From the Canadian backwoods of La Ronge, Saskatchewan, Kitsaki Meats has built a reputation for success around the world as a leading producer and exporter of superior meat products. They were one of ten companies who won at the Canada Export Awards, which recognizes outstanding companies who export outside of Canada.

But Kitsaki Meats does more than just meat products. Kitsaki is the world’s biggest and most successful producer and supplier of Organic Wild Rice.

The La Ronge Band has been producing wild rice for 26 years but Kitsaki Meats has been marketing the wild rice since 1998 using the brand name “Northern Lights”.

Kitsaki is seen as a model of community empowerment for First Nations Peoples around the world.

“We are extremely proud of what our people have accomplished here,” said Chief Cook. “We’re especially proud of our achievements with Organic Wild Rice.”

The success of Kitsaki Meats “gives our youth a positive vision of the future.”

Kitsaki Meats is one of only a few federally inspected meat plants in Saskatchewan.

Kitsaki’s Organic Wild Rice is sold throughout North America and in Germany, The Netherlands, and the U.K.