Joint operations have been something that the Chisasibi Police and the Radisson Surete du Quebec have been talking about for a while. It became a reality on the evening of April 12 when officers from both forces arrested a 35-year-old francophone white male in what is called a Tactical High Risk Vehicle Take Down in downtown Radission.

The combined Joint Task Force recovered and seized $11,000 in cash, $5,000 in narcotics and assorted drug paraphernalia under a Controlled Drug and Substances Act Warrant.

Chisasibi Police Director Harry Snowboy said a high-risk operation like this is determined by collecting intelligence and determining whether or not a person may be violent or armed and dangerous. Chisasibi Police Assistant Director Larry Ross added that there is a definite risk to the officers in stopping a vehicle in this type of operation.

Corporal Michel Basque of the Radisson Surete du Quebec detachment said police informants and rumours had linked the suspect to the bikers or organized crime. Ross told the Nation that they can’t release the name of the individual because of an ongoing investigation.

Snowboy says this is the largest bust Chisasibi Police have participated in terms of money and drugs and he is pleased with the increased co-operation that the two forces are using in the war against drugs. “This will send a message to the drug dealers,” Snowboy told the Nation.

Ross agreed, saying this is the first Joint High Risk Tactical Operation that the Chisasibi Police have participated in and they were pleased to be a part of it. “The Surete requested assistance from the Chisasibi Police and we happily agreed to do so.” Snowboy acknowledged there was a link between Radisson and Chisasibi in the drug trade and that it had been a prolonged operation. “Our officers have done their homework on this one and we’ll see what it continues to produce,” said Snowboy.

The drug link between Radisson and Chisasibi is part of the basis of the increased cooperation between the two police departments.

The arrested individual has been transferred to Amos detention centre and the investigation is on-going at this time. But the results so far have been a source of pride for the Chisasibi Police Director. “I’m very proud of what my officers have done. We have a good team here,” said Snowboy.

SQ Corporal Michel Basque said the same thing of the Chisasibi Police force. “There were four SQ and four Chisasibi police officers carrying out the Take Down and there was no difference in performance between the two forces.” Basque said there must be an increase in cooperation between the different police forces in James Bay. “Radisson only has a population of 325 so we know the majority of the drugs are going to the communities,” said Basque. “We can’t really be effective against drugs in the territory unless we join forces against it. That’s why I really appreciate the work that has been done by both the Chisasbi Police and our detachment. It has been a 100 per cent successful operation for me.”

Basque added a request for citizens to assist saying, “if you want to help the police fight against drugs, call us and all calls are confidential.”

He added one last warning for drug dealers about Cree police joining forces with the Radisson Surete du Quebec: “It will not be the last time.”