Congratulations to our very own tireless Johanne Grenon, who moonlights as president of the group Les Amitiés interculturelles de Chibougamau.

Her years of generous volunteer efforts paid off when the group was honoured with the title of Cultural Organization of the Year at the 3rd Gala of Excellence of Radissonie, which took place in Chapais on April 19.

A trophy was presented to Johanne and Emily Capissisit-Gauthier by Yves Barrette of the Barrette-Chapais sawmill.

The five-year-old volunteer group is supported by the municipality and works to strengthen the bonds between the Native and non-Native cultures.

Its mission is to promote good relations between the citizens of Chibougamau and nearby Cree communities.

The group has worked with the Cree Indian Centre on Indian Day, Anti-Racism Day, the Salon du Commerce, the Radio-Café and the International Rallye of Chibougamau. It also encourages artists like Margaret Orr and Diane Toulouse.

The group was also involved in the Interculturai Festival of Ungava held in May 1994, during which four young Inuit presented a cultural show.