JOsh_iserhoffGreetings from London! (UK please and thank you!) I’m actually en route for Paris as I write this; call me International Josh.

I don’t know about you but I love to travel. I have never been to London and at 36, I regret not coming here earlier. There’s something about London that makes you feel like a royal. Perhaps it’s the Queen’s energy or the exclusive shops that lure the soul to scream out, “I must have this!”

My style has gone very conservative since entering the world of politics. What London has taught me is to be fearless and to care less of what humans think. Let your confidence exude and not the clothes.

It’s a different terre out here and I’m absolutely wild about it. When I say wild, they have dog parties. Like rich dog-owner parties. I stumbled upon one while strolling along Mount Street with my friend Alex (who by the way leads the French Lacoste line) and all I see is flashing mobs.

Everyone’s screaming “Claire! Claire! Over here!” I’m standing next to actress Claire Forlani (Meet Joe Black). She’s a pint-sized gal and I could immediately tell she don’t have any black in her.

Ooh la la Paris! The city of love with my sister Fawn. The romantic feeling stirs within but I try not to go into the abyss of love with anyone but to a fresh baguette. If you are trying to quit smoking this isn’t a place for you. I swear I must’ve inhaled a couple of packs just sitting fabulously in Champs-Élysées. Wine and bread is their diet. I don’t know if we could handle their mode de vie.

If you love art, especially really old art, the Musée du Louvre is your stop. I am glad that Mona Lisa wasn’t on vacation when we went to see her. She hasn’t changed at all. By the way, you may stumble upon stars! Mr. “All of Me” singer John Legend and his stunning wife were standing next to us. They are the cutest in the world as dubbed by my fb friend, Kristina Ana-Maria. I agree!

It was a brief stay in the 9ème arrondissement but next time, I hope that Ernie Webb joins us because he looks Parisien and I know he has lots of good friends around this side of the “monde.”

We are off to Germany now by TGV, the speed train traveling at 300 kph. Mother Nature’s epic botox remedy until you reach your destination but in the meantime I’ll be taking tonnes of #selfies. By the way, get yourself a selfie stick. It’s God’s perfect gadget for the selfie addict.

Traveling doesn’t require loads of cash. If you wanna see Europe, you can at a cheap price. Book ahead! It’s not like our northern prices at all. If you can make friends wherever you are, you can stay with them and let me tell you, friends from over here absolutely love foreigners (us). If you’re planning to travel, travel light & I’m learning the hard way. I packed way too much of my Valentino haute couture collection 😉

Ich hoffe sie bald zu sehen! (I hope to see you soon.)