When it comes to Quebec sovereignty, the Inuit agree with the Crees. It’s their right to decide their future, and no one


“I think the Inuit certainly have the political and legal capacity to decide for themselves,”said Paul Bussieres, coordinator of Quebec government relations for Makivik, the Inuit administrative body.

The Inuit inhabit half of Quebec’s North and are asking the same questions as Crees. Should they stay with a sovereign Quebec, stay with Canada or go it alone?

“The Inuit are worried about this matter. But I think the Inuit would like to cross that bridge when it comes. Before that, we’re hoping we will never get there. Even if the PQ wins the election, they may lose the referendum,” said Bussieres. “We would prefer not to cross the bridge. The Inuit consider themselves to be good citizens of Canada and Quebec. ”

Bussieres said Makivik has had contacts with David Cliche, the PQ liaison with First Nations. Cliche is going from First Nation to First Nation trying to sell his proposals on sovereignty. But the PQ claims aboriginal peoples have no right to leave a sovereign Quebec.

Bussieres said he doesn’t know which way the Inuit are leaning if they had to choose between Canada and Quebec and going solo. “It would be difficult to answer what would be their decision. We’re quite integrated into Quebec institutions, and run several programs through different Quebec departments. But we’re very integrated with the Inuit in other countries, and they probably have their own dream for their future.”

But, he added, at the moment northern communities are dependent on subsidies from the South. “This makes them see reality in a more prudent fashion,” he said.