At the invitation of the Australian government, Deputy Grand Chief Ashley Iserhoff addressed the inaugural conference of the World Indigenous Network in Darwin, Australia, on May 27. The conference brought together Indigenous groups from around the world with over 1,300 delegates representing 50 countries.

With a wealth of successful achievements by the Cree, Iserhoff shared past triumphs and future plans of the Cree of Eeyou Istchee. The Broadback Watershed Conservation Plan was at the centre of the long-term environmental conservation strategy for the region.

The advancements in self-governance by the Crees with the signings of the various past agreements provide a framework for other Indigenous groups to follow as they pursue their own paths to greater autonomy.

The purpose of the World Indigenous Network is to bring together all of the diverse Indigenous peoples of the world along with governments and researchers to work together on sharing their knowledge of environmental issues. The network was launched at the initiation of the Australian government and joined by the Rio+20 group of nations.