We are happy to announce that the tournament was held in good spirits (only one misconduct incident to report), but overall, minor athletes looked satisfied about their participation in the tournament.

This tournament would not have been possible without the dedication of all volunteers who helped out in a joyful atmosphere. Also, our appreciation goes to the Chisasibi Telecommunication Association for their professionalism in broadcasting our activities, and a special thank you to Paul Cash and Stewart Rupert for bringing all the excitement in the final games to each household of the community.

We also want to address a special thank you to all coaches, assistant coaches and water/stick boys and girls who supported our local teams throughout the tournament. Also, thank you to all our sponsors and to all Job’s Memorial Arena staff for their precious collaboration.

Thank you to all participants!
—Dolores Audet-Washipabano

Novice Broomball Finals: Wakaganish 3, Chisasibi 0
Best Goalie: Chisasibi I, Ruthie Napash
Best Defense: Wemindji, Joyce Hughboy
Best Forward: Chisasibi II, Tanya Bearskin
Best Achievement: Chisasibi I, Paula Chewanish
Top Scorer: Waskaganish 2G 1 A, Paulette Salt

Novice Hockey Finals: Chisasibi Cyclones 2, Chisasibi Lil’ Hunters 1
Best Goalie: Chisasibi Lil’ Warriors, David John Pash Best Defense: Chisasibi Cyclones, Sean Langer
Best Forward: Waskaganish, Perry Hester
Best Achievement: Chisasibi Cyclones, Mark Rupert
Top Scorer: Waskaganish 6G 1 A, Corey Hester

Pee-Wee BB Finals: Waskaganish,2, Chee-Bee Contractors 0
Best Goalie: Chee-Bee C., Annie Sealhunter
Best Defense: Chee-Bee C., Catherine Wash
Best Forward: Wemindji, Chantal Stevens
Best Achievement: Chisasibi, Paula Menarick
Top Scorer: Waskaganish IG 4A, Cynthia Salt
Pee-Wee Hockey Finals: Mistissini 6, Chee-Bee Cont. 2
Best Goalie: Chee-Bee C., Eric Snowboy Best Defense: Waskaganish, Bradley Georgekish Best Forward: Blizzards, Bertie-J. Georgekish Best Achievement: Mistissini, Wesley Trapper
Top Scorer: Chee-Bee C. 6G 4A, Wayne Bobbish