It was good news for federal Judge Réjean Paul. The RCMP has dropped the investigation into the judge’s alleged financial shenanigans.

The judge says that he was not surprised. “I was convinced (it would happen),” said Paul.

He said the facts spoke for themselves. Paul was being investigated on an anonymous tip about alleged irregularities in his reimbursements for travel expenses.

The question on a few minds is whether the judge will be resuming his position as the chairman of the Cree-Naskapi Commission. The judge himself wasn’t sure.

“Well, I have to discuss this with the authorities. My mandate expires at the end of July,” said Paul.

But the judge doesn’t think he’ll go back to the commission, saying he had advised everyone he would not be seeking a new term. “I advised everyone it’s my last mandate. It’s been 12 years and the old man started at 43. Just imagine at 55! I have other things to do,” said Paul.

He said a good replacement would be the thing to do and mentioned that the present interim chairman, Richard Saunders, met with the approval of all parties concerned.

The judge said he will continue to read The Nation as a way of keeping in touch with people in the communiites.

“I will be looking for news of all my Cree friends in the nine communities. It was a close relationship and we succeeded in a substantial way,” said Paul.

He talked about the O&M agreements on funding for bands and Ouje-Bougoumou as highpoints of his work with the Crees. “It has been a happy 12 years with the Crees.”

His final message to the Crees was: “I believe in God, God helped me and may God bless them.”

Paul temporarily gave up his chairmanship of the Cree-Naskapi Commission after theinvestigations started a year ago. Many Native leaders supported the judge while he wasbeing investigated.