The Regroupement des centres autochtones du Québec (RCAAQ) insists that it will continue to support the Inter-Tribal Youth Centre of Montreal, even though they have revoked the membership of the Native Friendship Centre of Montreal (NFCM).

The Inter-Tribal Youth Centre is the only centre of its kind in Montreal that aids First Nations youth. The RCAAQ reaffirmed that the Inter-Tribal Youth Centre will remain open regardless of the possible closing of the NFCM. The funding of the youth centre was threatened because the NFCM was not following the Cultural Connections for Aboriginal Youth (CCAY) program. The RCAAQ is now looking for a First Nations partner organization to sponsor the youth centre, independently of the NFCM.

The RCAAQ said it will continue to promote essential services for First Nations people in Montreal. They are seeking to mobilize First Nations people living in the city in order to meet their needs and interests.

The NFCM’s choice to unilaterally terminate their bilateral agreement was the primary reason the centre lost its membership. The RCAAQ stated that the NFCM did not fulfill their mandate, thus forcing the RCAAQ to suspend their membership.