More than 10 years ago a 17-year-old teenager was found frozen on the outskirts of Saskatoon. The RCMP reopened the case when two more Aboriginals were found stranded on the outskirts of the prairie city in deep winter.

“There will be finally a public airing of how the young Neil Stonechild died,” said Saskatoon Justice Minister Eric Cline. “We need answers, we know now that Stonechild was seen with the police at the time of his death.”

A friend of Stonechild, Jason Roy, testified he saw Stonechild in the back of a police car bleeding and screaming, “They’re going to kill me.” But during a cross-examination Roy said he wasn’t sure who was driving the police car.

Aaron Fox, a spokesperson for the Saskatoon Police, thinks Roy is making false accusations. Stonechild is one of three First Nations people who were found frozen to death over the past 15 years.

The other two were ruled as inconclusive deaths. But the Stonechild inquiry continues.