A brand new car and $800,000 is something everyone would be interested in receiving and will do anything to get it. However is it a scam? Apparently a person presenting himself as a lawyer contacted a woman from Chisasibi and informed her that she had won a car and $800,000.

With all that is going on in this world we must be really careful about what information we give to strangers no matter what they say. Before you do anything ask yourself how did I get this lucky? How did this person get my personal information? Could this really be happening to me?

Get everything explained and clarify anything that may seem suspicious to you. To tell you the truth I think it is a scam, but those are my thoughts. There are ways and places that a person can find out if things like this are really a scam. Like the RCMP, since they have investigators working on different cases. Each case is different and should be treated with caution.

As it stands, the woman who supposedly won these prizes has yet to hear back from the lawyer. Hmmmmm, I wonder if it’s actually true. She herself even stated, “I think this is totallya scam.”

And if he actually does call back take into consideration what you might lose if it is a scam. You’ve heard about identity theft – it’s quite popular these days. All I have to say is be careful. Agooda Cita. But if you actually win, promise me one thing – make sure you take me for a ride in your new wheels.