Ted Moses is singing the praises of the Quebec government in a European tour with PQ cabinet minister.

The Globe and Mail’s Lysiane Gagnon reports that French journalists were stunned by Moses’ warm words for the Quebec government. For years, she writes, aboriginal leaders toured the world, routinely accusing Canada of genocide. In recent years, the Cree waged huge media campaigns in the United States, calling for a boycott of hydroelectric energy from Northern Quebec.

“The Crees used to be closer to the federal government,” Moses told the French journalists, “but now we’re closer to the Quebec government, which has been a model of good faith. The feds don’t even return my phone calls.”

Gagnon says he repeated the same message at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, where aboriginal leaders had so often voiced their anger at “White Canada.”

She also notes that Moses was the star of the Quebec delegation at the UN conference on sustained development in Johannesburg. Moses said that the agreement between Quebec and the Crees “should serve as a model for the rest of Canada, even for the world.”