For seven grueling weeks this summer Cree boys and girls from ages 8 to 17 were taught how to get in deep, get in on the fore-check and, of course, get the puck in the net. And from the sounds of it, our young people gave it 110% every shift.

Carl Michaelson and Nashville Predators forward Matthew Lomabardi, both of St. Lazare, Quebec just minutes from Montreal, gathered 52 aspiring NHLers and showed them the how’s and why’s of professional ice play. “The kids are very passionate about hockey,” said Michaelson. “But there’s a bit of a lack of discipline.”

To combat this problem, and as a way to show them how to play the game and do everything within their control, Michaelson and Lombardi had the kids keep journals of their goals and objectives and even to keep track of what they were eating.

Michaelson’s Westlake Hockey Development has been working with Cree hockey players for several years now and has been in Mistissini for two summers now.

“Silas Neeposh’s family was responsible for getting us up there,” said Michaelson. “Silas is the epitome of respect and discipline and drive.” Neeposh now plays in Midget Triple A in Val-d’Or.

Look for the hockey school to make an appearance at an arena near you next summer.