Police are investigating a doomsday cult in connection with the bombings of Hydro pylons near Montreal. Three pylons suffered minor damage in attacks in mid-March, one in Ste-Basile-le-Grand on the South Shore, one in the Mohawk community of Kahnawake and one near Cornwall, Ont.

At first, media reports said the bombings may have been the work of Mohawks, Crees or radical ecologists. But evidence was skimpy.

The native angle was eventually dropped after Montreal newspapers got letters in the mail threatening Hydro-Quebec written in French. Hydro officials said the letters may have been sent by the Ordre du Temps Soleil, a cult with members who are Hydro employees which has threatened to bomb native reserves.

“Hidro must paid,” said one of the letters. Another letter accused the utility of throwing families into the street, hurting people on welfare and the poor, and “giving” electricity “to natives and aluminum producers.”

“Remember… the FLQ!” said the letter, composed of words cut out from French newspapers.