Problems on your traplines?

Through the trapline Harmonization and Enhancement program, in collaboration with the Cree Trappers Association and Local Joint Working Groups, tallymen finally have an opportunity to apply for funding to improve the quality of their haunting grounds.

The industry has scapegoated their responsibility of sustainable forestry far too long say some Crees.

Reducing the impacts of forestry harvesting activities, and repairing some of the damages already done will no doubt improve the ecological situation and therefore ensure successful hunts for generations to come hope the Grand Council of the Crees.

Project evaluations are recommended on all applicable traplines to assess the nature of the funding initiatives. All projects must be sponsored by a Cree Beneficiary with a valid CTA membership and it should be noted that priority will be given to those tallyman who are full time hunters (120 days a year in the bush). All projects are to be developed in close collaboration with the tallymen, and once a remedial contract is granted the tallyman has preferential status in employment on their own projects.

Some examples of these projects are: stream rehabilitation, cabin relocation, waste removal, wildlife restoration, slash pile burning or chipping, trail network development, and road maintenance.

In order for the Harmonization initiative to be effective, and the estimated budget approved by the powers at bay, its necessary to have the tallymen directly involved in the project design phase of the program…So what are the problems on your trapline?

Maybe it’s time to talk to the CTA and the Grand Council to make sure that your trapline is harmonized.