Halifax is currently on a shortlist to host the 2014 North American Indigenous Games.

The maritime metropolis is in competition with London, Ont., and Regina to host the prestigious sports and cultural event with the hopes that the winning city will be announced within the next couple of months.

According to the Chronicle Herald, Grant MacDonald from Events Nova Scotia made the announcement on February 15 after making a formal bid for the games last October.

Events Nova Scotia is backing the national game event in conjunction with Nova Scotia’s Mi’kmaq Sports Council that would see First Nations from across North America come to Halifax to compete in 17 sports categories.

MacDonald told the Herald, “It is a significant, multi-sport event and it has added significance in that it has a very large cultural program that goes along with the games.”

The last games were hosted in Duncan, B.C. and attracted 4,500 Indigenous athletes. This included a large contingency from Quebec under the moniker Eastern Door and the North.

Cree swimmer Gabriel Rabbitskin brought home four gold medals and one silver medal in various swimming categories, making headlines within the Cree nation and beyond.

The 2011 games were to be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, however the city removed its bid in 2010, ultimately cancelling the event. Instead, the city is hosting the Indigenous Games USA, from which Canadian participants are excluded.

For more info: http://aboriginalsportcircle.ca/en/the_north_american_indigenous_games