Waswanipi held elections on August 30th and Paul Gull became the new chief. A win that Gull attributes to his political platform. He told the people “Ntshtayhden oo abitsyoon guaysque ngweedoodeen.” (He respects the position and will try to do the job right.)

Gull is heading into new territory as he has taken the candidates who ran against him for the chief’s position and asked them to be his advisory committee. “Our campaigns all mentioned that we have to work together. It’s something different but it promotes the campaign to work together,” said Gull. The new band council has agreed to this and Gull says they ironing out the details of this new board.

Joining Gull on the band council are Alan Happyjack as the Deputy Chief and councilors Marcel Happyjack, Irene Neeposh, Alan Saganash Jr., Marlene Kitchen and Glen Cooper.
Robert Kitchen is the Grand Council/ CRA representative.

Alan Happyjack the School Commissioner and the Cree Health Board representative.
Johnny Blacksmith is the Cree Trappers Association representative.

The Mishtuk Board members are Johnson Happyjack, John Kitchen, Philip Grant, Peter J. Gull Sr., Clarence Blacksmith and Marjorie Wapachee.

Non-elected committees include the Elder’s council composed of Jacky Gull, Alan Saganash Sr., Jane Gull, Catherine Cooper and one left to be appointed. The School Committee (elementary level) is currently composed of Anna S. Happyjack, Eva Icebound with four more people to be named. The School Committee (secondary level) is made up of Sandra Happyjack, Clara Blacksmith, Johnny Cooper, Paul Dixon, Matthew Blacksmith and Johnny Saganash.

The Health Committee members are Lily Sutherland, Elizabeth Ottereyes Sr., Marlene Dixon, Hattie B. Kitchen, Harriette Charles and a head Nurse to be appointed.