An alert has been issued by human-rights groups in Guatemala.

Two workers at a radio station which serves the poor mostly Native peasants were killed by unidentified assailants.

The July 16 killings claimed the lives of Haroldo Escobar, 18, and Norman Hernandez Perez, 30. They bring back memories of the bloody repression by the U.S.-backed government which claimed 100,000 lives. A peace accord was recently signed, but the truce is opposed by some elements.

The killings occurred the same day that the army met with families of those who were tortured or murdered by the government. Army personnel made threatening remarks to the families.

The Guatemalans request that people send letters of protest to: Jean Arnault, Minugua, Avenida Las Americas 18-81, Zona 14, Guatemala, Guatemala. Or fax: 011-502-339-3455.