I was surprised to see the Nation give the Montreal Economic Institute’s “study” on the transfer of Cree water to the U.S. via the Grand Canal scheme (Vol. 16, No. 19). This scheme has been around since the 1960s, and has all the negatives that journalist Amy German pointed out, which means it will probably never happen. But the MEI is hardly a credible source – they have also recently urged Quebec to sell Hydro-Québec to private interests (their backers) as the means to lower provincial taxes.

I understand that the MEI was set up by the B.C.-based Fraser Institute; this is the largest rightwing propaganda machine in the country. Prime Minister Stephen Harper recently appointed its director as his personal advisor. These organizations are funded by corporate interests to protect and promote those interests, under the guise of a supposedly objective institute. Too bad we don’t have a truth in advertising law that covers such biased and covert organizations.

I suppose it is important to keep these schemes in the public eye, but not at the cost of giving their corporate promoters the cloak of legitimacy they can’t get on their own. Mathew Coon Come’s view on the water diversion plan is clear and firm – let’s hope that view prevails.

Keep up the good work! The Nation is a model for the national media, which ignores these touchy issues.

Fred Ryan
Publisher, The West Quebec Post