The goose hunt has picked up since the last update with many if not all nine Cree communities getting their first goose. Marcel Blacksmith from Mistissini and Simian Mianscum from Waswanipi were the first to shoot some geese.

Over in Waskaganish, Wendel Whiskeychann bagged the first goose over by Kilometre 10 access road near the community. Morris Tomatuk got the first goose along with a few others for Wemindji on April 5 by Moar Bay.

Johnny Kawapit of Whapmaghoostui got two geese in the area around his town. From Nemaska, Jimmy Blackned got his kill near the route to the North highway. Chisasibi also has a few kills confirmed in late March with plenty more following the initial icebreaker.

No word from Eastmain yet seeing as the local trappers association has not received any news if anyone has gotten the first goose. In Oujé-Bougoumou, Bobby Capaissisit landed the first goose at his hunting grounds by Opemisca Lake.

The spring weather is kicking into high gear now with all the showers forecast for the region. Hopefully that won’t get in the way of a successful goose hunt.