The results are in and The Nation is bringing them to you. Overall, the goose hunt this spring was not a good one for the Crees. Five communities felt the hunt wasn’t as good as last year. Four felt it was about the same and one thought the hunt was better this year.

Most blamed cold and ice conditions. A few said the geese weren’t following regular flying routes and patterns.

We would like to thank the Cree Trappers Association for its help in preparing this report.


First goose was killed by “Domis.” Overall the hunt wasn’t that good because of ice staying longer than expected. Most geese stayed in the south because of the cold. Some geese were arriving so late this year, they had partially formed eggs. Apparently the hunting was better north of Matagami.


1st goose was either Andrew Moore, Robert Kapashishit or Eric Cheezo. Another average year but the geese were also late and the CTA said the hunt should have been extended since the spring was longer than usual.


1st goose downed by Don MacLeod. Mistissini residents weren’t complaining too much and felt that the hunt was average, about the same as last year.


1st goose cooked by George Kudlu. The hunt was average for the area and the seals are still out there as far as the eye

can see!


1st goose tumbled by Isaac Rupert. Residents said that less geese were got this year because of the cold and that it had snowed for the last two weeks.


1st goose was enjoyed by David Whiskeyjan. The hunt this year for residents was worse than usual because of the cold and a constant north wind . Also the geese weren’t using their usual routes.


1st goose taken by Freddy Shecapio-Blacksmith. The hunt was better than last year.


1 st goose shot by Charley Kanapowsit. Residents say a lot of geese were seen on the reservoirs eating clogged vegetation. Some wondered about mercury contamination and the loss of coastal eel grass. They also cited north winds, cold weather and a late spring as problems causing fewer geese. Cape Jones was the furthest northern hunting territory where Chisasibi residents reported that no geese were seen nesting. This is apparently very unusual. Overall some people are saying this year wasn’t a good hunt, and that last year was better. Residents reported that things started getting better in the first week of June.


1st goose by Fredrick “Bleg” Jonah. Hunting was reported as fair. Some got more, some got less geese this year.