When Goose Break comes thoughts turn to traditional hunting grounds and even though most of today Crees may live in house the excitement of a Goose Break is still there.

When thinking of a Goose Break it is quite common to think of roast goose and bannock, teepees and brown men, very brown by the way because the sun shines a lot at Goose Break.

And to live is valued like centuries ago. It is difficult to imagine our tradition without patience and perseverance at Goose Break.

Why we have a Goose Break, it is a reminder of harder times and it helps make us thankful to fill our days with a little hard work and a little respite from modern convenience that Crees today pursue, the leisurely lifestyle some Crees enjoy. When we go on a Goose Break I am up early and ready for action. My family is still sleeping. I hate packing. It always seems I take too much of useless things.

And leave behind the important essentials. Naturally I discover I am packing quickly and too much. My packing involves food and clothing and other stuff that concerns daily life at Goose Break camp.

My late mother never missed a chance to make a little go a long way. Unfortunately it’s quite hard for me being modern to fill the shoes of my wonderful mother. However every Goose Break I do believe the spark is still there.

While looking over my large pile of belongings that I was going to take into the bush I began to wonder who is this crazy lady packing too much stuff? But this is not an overnight trip, I remind myself. It would be wise to skip my new red coat and take the old grey coat instead.

I am doing a fine job combining traditional and original ideas in packing stuff to the bush. No doubt my family would not be overly excited when they see the large pile of stuff we are going to take to our Goose Break camp. I am surrounded by added boxes of things we need, I say, but I am not allowed to bring everything.

My husband says, I suggest you bring the modern kitchen stove as well.