Gilles Proulx, the popular host of CKAC Radio in Montreal, made the following commentary on the efforts of the Kahnawake Mohawk and Chateauguay chambers of commerce to let bygones be bygones.

A handshake ceremony had been scheduled at the border of the two communities, but it had to be moved to the Kahnawake Sportsplex because of security concerns after Proulx’s broadcast on July 5.

Said Proulx, “Tomorrow, in Chateauguay, idiots from the Chamber of Commerce—I hope that these idiots from the Chamber of Commerce do not represent the people of Chateauguay—at 8:00 p.m. will meet at the site where the Warriors’ barricade was erected in 1990 to extend a hand of peace to those who cost us $500 million, deprived us of a bridge for 78 days and contributed to the loss in value of our homes, making them impossible to sell.” Proulx continued: “Richard Beauchamp, a wash-cloth of the Chateauguay Chamber of Commerce, a perfect ‘rag,’ insists that we must extend a hand of peace. Normally, it’s the country that started the war that extends the hand, not the conquered. Is there really a climate of peace when we must deal with the likes of Joe Norton, King of Liars? Is there really a climate of peace when, not so long ago, a trailer located on route 138 had racist propaganda and threats of war against the Chateauguay Chamber of Commerce…

“Richard Beauchamp of the Chamber of Commerce was hesitant about granting me an interview yesterday. I had to twist his arm because he did not approve of my role in 1990. Oh well, I wish the members of the Chamber of Commerce, a bunch of brainless people, another crisis, and then you’ll see which side I line up on this time.

“Why is it that the Chamber of Commerce reunited 500 people in 1990 to discuss the issue of the crisis and invited me to be the M.C.? I almost have the urge to throw you the trophy you awarded me,”