The Government of Quebec is up to its old environmental tricks again. This time it concerns the “approval” of the proposed Chapais Dump Site.

The government is attempting to railroad through Phase I by getting the GCCQ to agree that this phase of the proposed Chapais dump is technically acceptable.

This seems odd considering that even the review committee requesting this has stated that Phase II is connected to Phase I. The review committee has also stated that the review process must look at environmental concerns in terms of all the phases of the proposed project.

The Grand Council feels that at this time it would not be in the best interests of the Cree Nation to agree to the requested statement Not only are there dangers of this being used as a go-ahead but there are still unanswered questions. These are in the areas of justification (why doesn’t Chicoutimi recycle instead?), dyke stability and the possible contamination of groundwater.

The Grand Council and others working on this important issue have a mandate to ensure that James Bay will not become a dumping ground for the rest of Quebec.