It was a ghoulish night, one where you could hear the screaming of maidens and men in distress. The typical cry was for another beer since the Cree School Board Halloween party was so crowded. Some poor lost souls even had to wander out of the VIP lounge to attain their beverages at the regular Sharks bar.

Yet the overwhelming feeling at the party was one of relaxation, talking and joking rather than drunken debauchery.

You could tell it was good to see old friends and even make a few new ones. The laughter was contagious and often heard during the 10 pm to 1 am event. Three hours off from the demands of school spent in a gathering of First Nations students and friends was welcome to all.

A few students sharpened their pool skills and a few learned that their pool skills needed no sharpening at all.

No names here to protect the innocent or the sharks but for once I was glad I wasn’t playing.

I blame it on the night before when I went to a Halloween party as Manifest Destiny. As you all know, Manifest Destiny always tends to go a little too far. But enough said the better, my friends, of these and other scary stories.

Well, that’s all for this ghoulish report and I hope all the kids of all ages got pleasantly sick on candies.